recolored E18 theme


The wonderful window manager Enlightenment and the corresponding Toolkit Elementary comes with a beautiful dark theme featuring a blue glow.
But as blue is not everyones favorite color, we have been working hard to calibrate our crystals and provide you the possibility to see your favorite window manager in a new light and shiny new colors.
So finally, here it is: rElighted - the default theme in your own color.

Get rElighted!

Do you like this color? Grab your theme here, or choose a different color from the color wheel below:


Uncolored Version

Some even like the idea of non-obtrusive (ie. no specific color) themes, that do not interfere with the color scheme of your apps. Therefore we also feature a white version.

Freely Recolorable Version

If you don't mind a few extra CPU cycles, you might also like our supplementary project: rElightable - a version of the default theme that adapts to your color settings on the fly.
You no longer have to download different colored flavors - you get all (and even a bit more) in one!

Older Version for E17 and E18

The rElighted theme started in Dec. 2012, when the default dark theme became the default theme for the newly released E17. If you prefer the former incarnations, you are probably more interested in rElighted for E17 or rElighted for E18.

Technical Background

All this is based on a simple script (see #2057) using

to repack the default theme.


If you are interested in this project or want to comment on it, feel free to contact me at relighted!

See also

Also visit and

For those, who like some more tweeking and want to fiddle with compiling a recolored version themselves, there is a quite handy darkmod-enlightenment-theme-converter available by Simon Lees, which is based on the ideas of rElighted.